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I chose a toned-back colour palette to keep a tranquil feel to the work. The use of textures transforms my assets from flat computer vectors, that can feel cold and are harder for the viewer to connect with, to something more tangible.The textures mirror the lives of the viewer,  allowing the viewer to connect more with the animation. Lifting my assets off the “page” was important to me. I wanted my choice of aesthetic to be non-threatening and pleasant to view, drawing the audience in by feeling they could be the falling person.

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This Page shows the process and exploration that went into the production of Falling But Landing Safely detailing the art work and decision making that came together to complete the animation. 

I wanted to create a reassuring undertone and a calming vibe to this scary subject, offering a bit of peace and calm. My film follows a journey from the feeling of losing control and feeling alone during the initial diagnosis, to a more connected and tranquil view as the patient gains a sense of control over their life once more.  

 the falling aspect though out the animation shows the journey people take towards the end of their life, representing all people regardless of age or diagnosis. The start of ‘end of life care’ doesn’t mean the end of a good life for the patient. People can still live well until the very end. 

There is a lot that needs to be considered, sorted and done when someone is diagnosed with a terminal illness. This project gives  a contrast to this overwhelming feeling and give people a bit of time and space to process information peacefully. 



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